TMVC Patron’s Scheme

Alan Brignell, the choir Treasurer, is currently acting as Patrons’ Officer of Tideswell Male Voice Choir.

We need and depend on patronage and our aim is to not only increase patronage but to ensure that each patron knows how important their support is and how valued each and everyone is.

The Choir genuinely appreciates your continued interest and financial commitment to them.  We pledge to use your donations, and any attendant “Gift Aid” details connected to them, in a thoughtful and judicious way.

Your generous donations help the Choir to finance their concerts and events, not only for development of their own musical, education, personal and social experiences, but also to help them raise monies and donate to other worthwhile Charities.

We sincerely hope that the great satisfaction, bond of fellowship and musical enjoyment that the Choir experience is shared by all our Patrons, supporters and our audiences.

Once again, sincere thanks to all of you.  It is reassuring and heartening to know who our true and loyal friends are. We look forward to seeing you all at future events.


We seek a ‘Patron’s donation’ of about £20 per year for Tideswell Male Voice Choir (TMVC) and some people are particularly generous.  Letters about renewing subscriptions should be in the post but a donation can be made at any time.


John Bradley, Lynda Breese & David Holmes, Tom W. Chapman, John Croasdell, Edwina Currie-Jones, Paul Dinsdale, Eric & Vera Hall, Christine Hewitt, W. Hutson & N. Hadley-Hutson, John B.P. Jones, Lord Edward Manners, Audrey Morton, David & Jean Palmer, Peter & Jennifer Rowson, Philip & Stephanie Stanyer, “TARMAC”, Lam & Janet Tong, Margaret Tyldesley, Carole Weaver, Roger & Carole Whysall, Bill Weston MBE & “The Billerettes”, Rita Willis.


  • Regular email updates of time and places of forthcoming TMVC events. (by post if you do not have email).
  • Patrons can purchase tickets for TMVC event at discounted prices, usually prior to their going on public sale.
  • Patrons can request reserved seating at events, where availability allows.
  • Patrons may request 2 complimentary tickets for the annual ‘Patron’s Day’ summer event and private pre-show reception. We hope that, having missed two years because of covid, this will take place later this year in Tideswell.  Patrons will receive further information in due course.
  • Patrons are acknowledged on the TMVC website, if they consent; ‘anonymity’ and confidentiality are respected. The website location is

 Further information:

Alan is always happy to talk to anyone who may be interested in becoming a Patron.

We gratefully acknowledge our generous and supportive Patrons.

Thank you!

Other Donations